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Based in Atlanta, GA Almighty Bandz is the new wave sound ready to take over your playlist. Members Oso Apollo, Jay Bandz, and Khronic Chris have been pumping out the hits since 2015. Music they make is soley being sold by CD on the streets of Atlanta and making its way into the hands of DJs at night clubs such as Opera, WildPitch, and Club Iris. The debut album is currently in studio production after signing with Legacy Music Group and will be out for the fans in late 2020.


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Almighty Bandz Interview with Upstream Indie

July 17, 2020

Almighty Bandz sits down with music blog journalist and review icon Upstream Indie to give some insider knowledge on the groups motivations and their debut single Tempted.

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Upstream Indie Tempted Song Review

July 17, 2020

Professional review of Almighty Bandz debut single Tempted (Ft. Doja Jesus)

Almighty Bandz fresh out of the booth Interview

July 11, 2020

Short interview with Almighty Bandz shedding light on their new single Tempted

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