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Submit your ideas to bring them to life

Starting at $50 for creation and $5 per export.

Prices will be tailored to each individual request.

Thank you for considering our services for your digital art needs. In order to ensure a timely execution of your idea, we will need as much of the following information you can provide.

1. What is your price range? Our starting price is $50 for creation and $5 per export, meaning you will receive a digitized file that is blocked out in grayscale that allows us to quickly apply new color palates and export each different color palate. Each new color palate or design with subtle differences would be classified as a new export. So if you were to commission a piece and want a black export and a white export, you would have the $50 creation fee, plus a $5 fee for the black export, and another $5 fee for the white export. Your price range will also dictate the priority which your project will be done and the amount of reworks requested throughout the process. These will be applied as the artists complete work and will only apply to extreme circumstances, such as scrapping an idea and starting from scratch, or very fine detail work required by the commission. 

2. Your name, business name, or psuedoname so we can address you correctly throughout the process.

3. The name of the commission, in order to separate each of our projects and ensure your project remains one of a kind instead of lost in the soup.

4. Where will this commission will end up? Designing a sticker is much different than designing an All-Over print jacket, which is also much different from designing a logo. We need to know where this product will end up in order to avoid any oversights on our part leading to an inability to use your art where you need it.

5. What is your timeline? Some commissions are on a very strict timeline, and for these projects, you will need to bring a significant amount of information to the table. You will need to know almost exactly want you want to have first time success with a speedy turn around. If you have a vague idea of what you want, our artists will have to take more time trying things out, seeking your opinion, and creating any other fixes you desire.

6. What is your idea? Do you know exactly what you want or do you have a general idea? We need to know so we can gauge how much time will need to be put into the project and how much creative freedom our artists have over your commission. Examples would be, "I would like an elephant with a top hat." versus, "I would like an adult African Elephant in grayscale from the front with a proportionally sized black top hat, I also want the elephant to have a monocle on his right eye, with a chain from it hanging down and around his right ear. The monocle will be the only thing colored and it will be gold."

7. Do you have any references? Such as pictures you've seen from other creators that you like or things you've seen that you do not want in your art. Please include any references and descriptions of the references in your email. References are extremely important if you already have a vision for your art. If you do not include any references, our artists may come up with a completely different view on your idea, resulting in more rework and ultimately, a higher cost and longer time required to complete your commission.

8. What exports do you want? We can export as many different variations of your work as you can think of. You want a black and white version, a colored version, and a metallic version? Cool, we got it. You want an extra large very detailed version and a small simple version? Depending on the request those may end up as two different commissions, which can be discussed once we review your project request.

In your email to the following address please make the subject line "Commission for (Your name)" and include as much as the previous information as possible. We will evaluate your request and reply with an estimated time for a first draft and a quote for the total price. The ending price may change from the quoted price due to any outstanding issues that the work presents once started.

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